Yard Vacuums

Cleaning up your yard just got a lot easier with these yard vacuums from Kmart. Rather than raking up debris and bending over time and again to pick up litter, you can simply vacuum it up like you do in your house. Yard waste will be easily and efficiently dealt with without back-breaking labor. These yard vacuums are perfect for around your home or in commercial settings, such as golf courses and public garden or green spaces. Anywhere that outdoor debris is a problem, a yard vacuum is the solution.

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Clean Up Yard Debris with Yard Vacuums from Kmart

Clean up more leaves and yard debris with ease when you invest in yard vacuums from Kmart. Kmart carries professional-grade yard vacuums and other power tools to use in your lawn and garden. The Craftsman 4-in-1 yard vacuum does the work of four different tools, reducing your overall costs on landscaping equipment. It vacuums yard debris, chips tree branches and blows away leaves with its 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine.

Whereas yard vacuums suck up the leaves into a bagger, a leaf blower lets you blow the leaves away from an area. The Craftsman 25cc gas blower thrusts air out at 210 miles per hour, clearing leaves and other yard debris from the lawn and driveway. Combining a leaf blower with a yard vacuum gives you double the power to tackle difficult landscaping jobs with less effort.

Before you mow the yard, you should always remove the leaves to avoid adding more debris on the lawn. Using a tractor hitch, attach a lawn sweeper and vac to the riding lawn mower. Yard vacuums easily pick up leaves; however, you may require more power to remove layers of wet leaves and pine needles. Using an Agri-Fab 42-inch tow-behind lawn sweeper, you instantly pick up all of the debris and deposit it into the bagger. When you combine the riding mower with a Craftsman lawn sweeper, you boost your productivity on commercial landscaping jobs, and you reduce your overall workload.

From chipper shredders to yard vacuums, you want professional tools that help you maximize your performance while working. If you have piles of sticks and dead branches in the yard, you may want to use a chipper shredder before operating the yard vacuum. A Steel Electric chipper shredder also mulches debris to use in the garden or around flowerbeds. With the larger branches picked up, remove the remaining clippings and leaves with the Yard-Man 173cc 2-in-1 yard vacuum. It shreds leaves and debris, and the chipper chute easily breaks down smaller 1.5-inch diameter twigs and sticks.

Invest in Craftsman yard vacuums and powerful handheld tools that make your workload easier whether it's a residential or commercial project. Shop Kmart online or at the store for an even bigger selection of name brand power tools and accessories for your lawn and garden.


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