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      Enjoy healthy, tasty meals with produce from Kmart

      In today's fast-paced world, more and more by sugary treats, processed snacks and fatty fast food are replacing healthy food choices. Get back to basics with good-for-you produce like dried and fresh fruits and vegetables. You know you're supposed to eat three to five servings a day, but most of us fall far short of that goal. Start working these natural foods back into your diet and you'll feel the benefits of getting more vitamins, minerals and fiber. With delicious choices from trusted brands like Earthbound Farm, Iberia and Unifrutti, you can find a wide selection to satisfy your taste buds here at Kmart.

      Eating fresh fruit is one of the tastiest ways to get more real foods into your diet. Fruit has a natural sweetness you can't help but love. Snack on a bowl of ripe red strawberries from Driscoll's, or mash some blackberries on a slice of toasted bread for the freshest jam you've ever tasted. Bananas and apples are convenient fruits you can easily toss in your bag and eat anywhere, anytime you feel hungry. If you have a little more time, consider juicing some oranges and grapefruit for a tall, refreshing glass of fresh juice.

      One of the healthiest things you can eat is vegetables. It's a good idea to get a wide variety of veggies, from juicy, ripe tomatoes to dark leafy greens and beyond. A handful of savory mushrooms is a perfect complement to a well-cooked piece of meat while a light salad full of lettuce and carrots is a great appetizer. Fry some Brussels sprouts in olive oil for a delicious side-dish to any meal. Add more veggies to your diet with choices from Fresh Express and Dole, and enjoy the great feeling you get from knowing that you're eating healthfully.

      Sometimes it's hard to fit in your daily fruits and vegetables on a busy day. On days like those, grabbing a handful of dried fruit from Smart Sense is better than nothing. These convenient snacks are a great-tasting way to work more cranberries, apricots and more into your diet, so make sure to put them on your general grocery list. They're easy to toss in a cupboard or bag and require no preparation.

      From steamed broccoli to fresh blueberries, seasonal produce is one of the most delicious ways to eat more healthfully. Add them as a side dish, or prepare them as part of the main course. There are so many varieties of produce that you'll never run out of options. Get fresh fruits and veggies here at Kmart, and start feeling better about your diet today.


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