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Fill your pantry with conventional foods from Kmart

Cooking a whole meal is hard work. Luckily, you can make the process a little easier by keeping your pantry stocked with commonly used conventional foods like canned vegetables, rice and soup. You can also find a variety of condiments here, from classic ketchup and mustard to pickles, banana peppers and sweet relish. These low-calorie toppings are a smart way to turn bland hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches into more flavorful meals you'll love sinking your teeth into.

Canned foods are especially convenient because of their long shelf-life. Stock up on these grocery store essentials and you'll have them available anytime you need them. Canned vegetables like green beans, corn and tomatoes make it easy to get in your five servings a day without constantly buying fresh veggies, while high-protein tuna fish goes great in a sandwich or salad. Beans are a versatile food you can add to tacos, soups, dips and more. These legumes are a healthy choice due to their high fiber content.

Soup is a light food you can have as either an appetizer or the main course. Pair hot chicken noodle with cold turkey sandwiches for a delicious lunch that's easy to make, or serve a small cup of beef barley next to a big plate of chicken parmesan. Many soups are loaded with healthy veggies, and low-sodium options are available for those watching their blood pressure. Just warm your soup in a pan on the stove, or heat it in the microwave to save yourself a bit of dishwashing.

It's often a good idea to add a variety of tastes, temperatures and textures to each meal. An easy way to do this is by complementing your main course with a few well-chosen side dishes. Rice and couscous are starchy sides that go great with meat-heavy meals like chicken and meatloaf. You can find classic sides like Pasta Roni and Tuna Helper, or you can mix things up with world cuisines like Spanish fideo.

Save time at the grocery store by stocking up on these long-lasting foods. From savory corned beef hash to sweet canned applesauce, you'll find something for every meal that's as quick as it is tasty. Here at Kmart we offer a wide variety of conventional foods to keep your pantry full and your dinners delicious. Whether you're looking for an impromptu side dish or just a snack, you'll find what you're looking for here.


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