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      Dog Apparel Creates an Entirely New Look for Your Pet

      From Halloween costumes to life vests, find the dog apparel you want for your pet. Kmart offers a range of pet clothing such as holiday, summer, winter and year-round apparel for small and large breeds. Choose from your favorite solid colors or multicolor varieties, such as the Simply Dog "What Up Dawg" shirt in black and orange. From vintage hooded jackets from Pet Life to fleece pajamas from Anima International, find stylish dog apparel for your furry friend.

      Keep your dog's apparel looking clean and smelling fresh with this collection of laundry care products. Choose from Tide detergents for removing bad odors, and select bleach for removing messy pet and mud stains. Use Evercare lint brushes for removing dog hair from your clothing, and soften your dog's sweaters with Ultra Plus fabric softener sheets. From stain removers to fabric dye, clean and maintain your pet's bed and apparel when it needs it.

      Trim your pet's fur and uphold its appearance with dog grooming supplies such as Andis Clippers UltraEdge blades and Hartz de-shed brushes. Remove loose pet fur with 3M hair rollers, and keep your dog's coat clean with Mane 'n Tail spray-away dog wash. Afterward, use Bramton Company mist conditioner to soften your pet's coat and restore its shine. From shampoo and conditioner to clippers and shedding brushes, give your dog that showroom appearance.

      Before your dog's next visit to the vet, invest in durable and portable dog crates, carriers and kennels. Choose brand name crates from Pet Life, Mr. Herzher's and Majestic Pet. In addition, select from Petmate, Great Crate and Sportsman Series dog crates for smaller and larger dog breeds. Great Crate offers two-door chrome wire crates for dogs up to 90 pounds, and Sportsman Series soft-sided portable pet kennels work well for containing your dog while you're away from home. From portable dog crates to outdoor exercise pens, find the practical solution for keeping your dog contained indoors and out.

      Whether your dog's name is Trixie or Mr. Bojangles, you have access to dog apparel that matches its personality. Shop Kmart for more affordable dog apparel, grooming supplies and dependable dog crates for your pet.

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