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      Keep playrooms and bedrooms tidy with kids' storage furniture

      With the multitude of dolls, balls, books and other toys your kids have, it can be tough to keep your house clean. Giving your kids a place to put all of their things can help you manage clutter. There's a variety of storage options that will make it easy to handle everything you need to store. Kmart has a massive selection of kids' storage to pick from that can help you keep your children's rooms and your home organized.

      Toy chests are essential for keeping toys in their place after play time so they're not strewn about the floor. Most toy chests offer plenty of room so your kids can easily toss anything and everything into them and help keep the floor clear. There are even models that have shelving above, offering extra space for books and decorations. You'll also be able to find chests with separate baskets that pull out, so you can keep things even more organized.

      If you want to have various storage spots around the house, you'll want to invest in sets of storage bins. They come in different sizes so your kids can keep a few of their favorite toys or games in different rooms. Stop by Kmart for everything you need to keep your kids' toys organized and your home free of clutter.

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