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Performance Auto Parts

Create your dream vehicle using performance auto parts

Go beyond the factory settings included with new vehicles by adding performance auto parts to your ride. Install select performance parts to enhance the stock electrical and mechanical systems. Transform your car or truck into an enviable vehicle with performance parts from Kmart.

Performance auto parts can help keep the cars, trucks and hot rods you already own up-to-date. Make older vehicles feel like new by replacing aging parts such as faulty electrical wiring and fuses. Monitor various performance statistics accurately with updated automotive gauges. Add new internal and external performance engine parts to cruise past slow traffic on the open road. Use performance parts to continuously update the vehicles you own and love.

Big, powerful trucks may offer even greater performance when equipped with the right extras. Install tough shocks to absorb impact in demanding off-road conditions. Improve the engine’s exhaust flow which can potentially increase horsepower, torque and fuel economy using performance exhaust systems. Whenever you change the oil, include car additives to keep the engine running smoothly.

Don’t forget to protect the interior of your car with accessories like seat covers, floor mats, sun shades and liners. Modify your vehicle with performance auto parts from Kmart to create the custom car or truck of your dreams.