Versatyre 4 Tires Versatyre X Terrain LT 35X12.50R20 Load F 12 Ply AT A/T All Terrain

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Versatyre X Terrain

The Versatyre X Terrain is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks. This aggressive tread design improves traction on soft, loose, and uneven terrain surfaces, and keeps the footprint clean at all times.The model enhances road contact, which promotes better steering responsiveness and driving stability. In this manner, the reinforced internal structure and rubber compound keep the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. The optimal tread design prevents irregular and premature wear formations along the tread area. The Versatyre X Terrain also offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


  • All terrain tire - The model offers great on- and off-road traction, thanks to the large tread elements and its self-cleaning nature.
  • Durability - The strengthened internal structure and rubber compound boost load and driving durability and prevent damage.
  • Handling - The large tread elements strongly grip the road and terrain surface for better controllability and maneuvering at all times.
  • Longer tread life - The model offers extended service life, thanks to the aggressive tread design and wear-resistant rubber compound.
  • Quiet tire - The optimal tread design reduces road noise levels heard in the vehicle's cabin, promoting an enjoyable performance.
  • All season tire - The model promotes great year-round performance, thanks to the optimal tread design and all season compound.

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Item# : A109547956
Model # :
  • Product Overview:

    • Truck Tire Type:
      All terrain

  • Sizing:

    • Tire Size:

  • Design:

    • Sidewall Treatment:
      OWL, outline white letters

    • Stud Capability:

  • Speed Ratings:

    • Speed Rating:

  • Size:

    • Aspect Ratio:

    • Rim Diameter:

    • Section Width:

  • Specifications:

    • Load Index:

    • Maximum Cold Pressure :
      80 (psi)

    • Maximum Load in lbs.:

    • Overall Diameter :
      35 (in.)

    • Tread Depth in inches:

    • Treadlife:

    • Treadwear Grade:

    • Tire Performance Grade:
      Extreme Performance

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