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Portable Audio & Electronics

Enjoy convenience on the go with portable electronics

Whether you're traveling long-distance or just making the morning commute to work, portable electronics can enhance your experience with today’s latest technology. Keep a GPS and charger on the dashboard for times when you go somewhere new. If you ride public transportation to work, relax with a thin eReader on the morning train. Kmart carries a variety of electronics that quickly access the information you need for a smoother ride.

Portable electronics can help make your day-to-day activities more convenient. Load appointment addresses into a portable GPS to maintain a consistent schedule. You can keep a tiny battery charger in any bag to ensure that important devices like tablets and MP3 players stay charged throughout a long day of tasks.

These handheld devices also provide great entertainment while traveling. Instead of waiting idly in a crowded airport, immerse yourself in a blockbuster with the help of a portable DVD player. Pop any disc into the slim device and high-quality images appear on the bright screen. Music enthusiasts can listen to customized playlists on an MP3 player with wireless earphones. These digital music players can store hundreds of albums in a low-profile package. Stay connected with the latest portable electronics from Kmart.