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Home Theater & Audio

Enjoy movies and TV shows with home theater equipment from Kmart

A home theater creates a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy everything from movies and TV to games and music with high-quality home theater equipment. With the proper audio products and supplies, you can bask in the sights and sounds displayed on your LCD or LED television.

Whether your living room is large or small, you'll find home theater  products that work well in any space. For smaller home theaters, generate powerful sound with one sleek, attractive audio bar, or display a pair of speakers on elegant stands on either side of the television. Streamline complex home theaters by coordinating inputs from several devices with a home receiver. You'll find a wide selection of speakers, cables and Blu-ray or DVD players for any setup.

Home audio products improve music, movies and other media. Blend elegant speaker towers in with contemporary home decor, or place bookshelf systems discreetly on media shelves in any room. Aside from speakers that produce high-quality sound, you'll also find turntables, karaoke machines and microphones to host any home party or public event. Whether you're building a new man cave or improving the living room, there are certain devices you need for an optimal viewing experience. Enhance the way you want TV and movies with affordable home theater equipment from Kmart.