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Welding Equipment

Efficiently join metals with high-quality welding equipment

Whether you plan on remodeling the home or working on a vintage car, the right welding gear can help complete a number of tasks. Welding equipment fuses two pieces of metal into one by applying intense heat. While this powerful method can be used for large-scale projects, DIY enthusiasts can also weld around the home to create projects with incredible strength and durability. Find the right welder for your needs, from handheld torches to precise TIG models, at Kmart.

Different projects require different types of welding gear. Compact welders are incredibly powerful, but small enough to tote in a tool cart. Fuse stainless steel quickly with an easy-to-use MIG welder, or enjoy the incredible precision of a TIG welder on a copper structure. High-tech plasma cutters utilize electrical currents to slice through sheets of steel with total control, while small soldering irons are more petite options for craft and electronics projects. Stick welders are a great option for outdoor construction. The simple device can handle a windy day without losing power.

In addition to quality welders, mechanics can find a wide range of accessories to take on any task. Pack your tool belt with smaller welding tools, like marking pencils and clamps. Add larger welding accessories to your garage for more easily toting the MIG welder around the home workstation. Wear welding helmets and gloves to cover yourself from scattered sparks. Take on any metalworking project with welding gear from Kmart.