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Replacement Blades

Stay sharp with replacement power tool blades

Modern power tools are made to withstand the rigors of years of hard use. Properly maintained, they can help you power your way through hundreds of projects, whether you are on a jobsite or working in your own garage. While the tool itself may last for years, the interchangeable parts and blades accumulate damage, begin to dull and can eventually wear out. If you stock up on a supply of replacement parts, even a broken saw blade won't slow you down in the middle of a project. With Kmart's extensive selection of replacement blades, you'll always have a fresh, sharp blade close at hand.

Kmart carries band saw blades manufactured in many lengths and widths ranging from 3/16 inches to 3/4 inches. These steel composite blades feature pinpoint carbides and induction-hardened teeth made for both heavy-duty and delicate work. Choose your blade's teeth per inch (TPI) according to the material that you’re planning to cut. If you usually work with 3/4 inch wood, then a 4 TPI blade will give you a fast and rough cut while a slower cutting 14 TPI will give you a smoother finish. For thin metals and plastic, use a fine-toothed blade of 18 to 32 TPI. For resawing wood and thick stock, go with a 3/4-inch coarse tooth blade of 2 or 3 TPI. Keep a variety of saw blades in your tool storage cabinets so you're ready for any project.

For circular and table saw blades, finer teeth also make smoother, slower cuts and larger teeth make quick and rough cuts. Since each saw make and model has different blade size requirements, Kmart carries plenty of options that fit saws from the brands you rely on so you can keep your toolbox stocked. Specialty blades like dado blades designed to cut grooves in wood and heavy-duty blades for cutting through masonry, tile and concrete are also available at Kmart.

Jigsaw blades are long and thin which can make them prone to breakage after use in plenty of demanding projects. Find affordable sets of jigsaw blades from brands like Craftsman and more so that your jobsite storage unit or home garage can always be stocked with  the selection you need. Reciprocating saw blades are wider than jigsaw blades and can be changed out quickly to match the job at hand, whether you're pruning a tree or sawing through sheet metal. The thinnest blades, made for scroll saws, are used for intricate, detailed work with wood and metals.

One power tool that is found in most home workshops and jobsite storage chests is a multifunction tool, which can be useful for just about any project since it uses dozens of attachments to smooth, grind, scrape and gouge various materials. When it comes to replacement blades for your tools, look no further than Kmart to find exactly what you need.