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Plumbing Tools

Stock up on all the best plumbing tools at Kmart

When your home improvement projects include jobs like plumbing repairs and installation, home plumbing tools will help you get the job done. Shop a great selection of plumbing fixture replacement parts, including faucet stems, drain assemblies, connection hoses and showerheads. Whether you need pipe cutters or just some simple augers and plungers, make Kmart your go-to destination for all of your plumbing needs.

For installing water lines and gas lines, pipe fittings in all common diameters and shapes will help you make connections. Steel and brass fittings and PVC connectors can be used to make repairs on any part of your plumbing system, and you'll also find a variety of plumbing valves check valves, ball valves and spigots for every application. Homeowners and contractors alike will love our selection of drain cleaning machines, which includes affordable handheld snakes and engine-driven commercial machines. If your plumbing projects are also coupled with electrical projects, you'll find electrician cutting tools and general electrical tools and kits as well.

Consider giving tube benders a try to save time and money on plumbing projects. When you have a stock piece of pipe left over, a tube bender will help to form it into the right shape to make your plumbing connection. You can shop commercial-grade tube benders from some of the top brand names in the business. Most tube benders can handle pipe up to one inch in diameter, and they easily bend copper, aluminum and thin-walled steel tubing to preset or custom angles.

Plumbing gear can also help you install the hookups for your laundry appliances, such as washer and dryer accessories. Hot and cold washer lines connect the unit to the water supply outlets. You can also find larger pieces of plumbing equipment and fixtures to tackle bathroom and drainage system upgrades, or you might prefer to make aesthetic updates by changing out your vanities or adding attractive bathroom faucets.

If your plumbing kits consist of nothing more than a lone plunger, make Kmart your one-stop store for all of your plumbing tool needs. Whether you're a professional plumber looking to stock up your van or shop or you're a DIY enthusiast hoping to tackle some jobs on your own, you'll find the tools you need at prices that are tough to beat.