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Painting & Supplies

Transform any room with high-quality painting supplies from Kmart

If you want to spruce up your home, painting supplies can give any room or surface a revitalized appearance. Whether you’re freshening up outdoor fencing or adding wallpaper to a new nursery, Kmart has all the equipment you need to take designs from ordinary to extraordinary. Decorate any space with supplies like primer, paint, varnishes and accessories to create a look that you love.

Preparing your walls for a fresh coat of paint is the first step of any home transformation. Protect delicate crown molding with a temporary barrier using colorful painter's tape. The tape stays in place when painting but peels off easily without damaging the surface. Add fresh caulk to the shower to prevent leaks from soaking the new wallpaper. Install weather stripping to the windows to help maintain a comfortable, draft-free indoor environment. Before you're finally ready to paint, add a coat of primer to prep the walls.

Paint brushes, rollers and sprayers make any painting job simpler. Grab a bucket of interior paint, and use a roller to smooth an even layer of rich color across the wall. If you'd prefer a patterned look, choose from hundreds of wallpaper designs to decorate the walls. Freshen up the outside of the home with a can of exterior paint. A power sprayer can tackle larger areas, while a paint brush can handle the trim and details with precision. Customize your home with affordable paint and painting supplies from Kmart.