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Bring bathrooms up to date with new bathroom fixtures 

Transform all the bathrooms and powder rooms in your home with attractive new bathroom fixtures. From sinks, showers and faucets to toilets and vanities, Kmart has bathroom plumbing fixtures for making outdated bathrooms look like new. Install new bathroom faucets and showers with just a few common hand tools. Use a wrench to disconnect the water supply lines from old faucets before installing new ones. Choose similar styles for the tub, shower and sink for a more coordinated look.

Completely overhaul the master bathroom’s appearance by replacing the bathroom sink and vanity. Choose from sleek vanity tops in gorgeous materials like marble and granite. Install compatible sinks and hardware in the pre-cut holes. Skip the vanity and install a wall-mounted or freestanding sink to make the most of a smaller bathroom. Once the vanity and essential fixtures are in place, swap the outdated bathroom mirror for a contemporary mirror and cabinet combo. Store toiletries on the built-in shelves behind the mirrored door.

Sometimes it takes more than a plunger to get the household toilets running smoothly. Replace old toilets or bring them up to date using a toilet repair kit. Use these convenient kits to keep your existing toilet in good working order. Beautify your bathrooms with stylish new bathroom fixtures from Kmart.