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Air Compressors & Air Tools

No workshop or garage is complete without air tools from Kmart

Whether you’re changing an old tire or framing a new home, air tools can help you get the job done in less time. From staple guns and nailers to drills and sand blasters, Kmart carries a wide selection of pneumatic tools for every task. No matter which one you need, these tools are always built for durability and reliability. Just attach them to an air hose, turn on the air compressor and get to work. You’ll even find compact air tools that are easy to store in your garage storage cabinet.

For professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, air tools can help you complete a wide range of specialty projects and tasks. Complement your collection of mechanic’s tools with an impact wrench, inflator and grease gun. They’re specially designed for working under the hood or beneath your vehicle. When you have a large painting project coming up, save on time and painting supplies with a spray gun. The lightweight design makes paint guns ideal for painting high ceilings or hard-to-reach awnings.

From hose reels and replacement valves to impact sockets and compressors, maintaining and customizing your tool collection is easy with the right accessories. No matter the project, get the power you need with quality and affordable air tools from Kmart.