Tarpco Safety Heavy Duty 7 Mil Tarp Cover 16′ X 20′ Brown/Black UV Resistant, Rip and Tear Proof.

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One tarp, endless possibilities.

Tarpco Safety’s multi-purpose tarpaulin cover is a must-have item for every household, thanks to its practicality and endless uses.

For example, you can use this tarp sheet to cover your car. boat, pool, roof, or outdoor furniture. You can also use the tarp sheet to cover wood logs and building materials, as well as house floors when you want to paint the walls.

Let’s not forget outdoor activities. This waterproof tarp can be used to build a canopy tent or you can use it as a ground blanket to keep your tent safe from sharp rocks and stones.

Tarpco Safety has designed the ultimate weatherproof tarp cover

This heavy duty outdoor tarp sheet is built to cover and effectively protect small and large objects from all extreme weather conditions:

Is it too sunny and warm outside? This tarp is UV resistant so the sun rays cannot get through it.
Is it raining a lot? The protective tarp sheet is 100% waterproof so it will keep your wood logs dry and ready for use.
Is it snowing? You can use the tarpaulin cover to keep your vehicle from getting buried under the snow.
Is it windy? The heavy duty tarp with the 12 x 10 weave count and 100% virgin polyethylene will not tear or rip.

Tying it down is going to be simple and easy

This polyethylene tarp sheet has metal grommets every 36 inches and reinforced edges. These grommets are ultra strong and they will help you tie down the waterproof canopy tarp easily and in a very steady and secure way.

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Item# : A109834258
Model # :
  • Dimensions:

    • Length :
      20 (in.)

    • Thickness :
      0.007 (in.)

    • Width :
      16 (in.)

  • Product Overview:

    • Material:

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