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Water Sports

Make the most of warm days with water gear from Kmart

When the sun is shining and the air is warm, there’s nothing like spending the day in the water. Whether you’re navigating strong currents on the rapids, taking a swim or heading underwater for a little snorkeling or scuba diving, Kmart has the water gear you need to have fun and stay safe.

People have different preferences when it comes to water sports, but whether your ideal day consists of non-stop activity or a slower-paced day of relaxation, you’ll want quality water gear. A durable and comfortable inflatable tube, complete with cup holder, will allow you to kick back, unwind and enjoy a leisurely trip down the river. If you’re looking for something faster, you can strap on some skis, grab a tow rope and get ready to rip through the water. You also can choose from the latest in kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding equipment. If you’re heading out for some boating, don’t forget to bring along your fishing gear so you can catch dinner for your crew.  

No matter which water sports you choose, it’s always important to incorporate safe practices. Training aids will help new swimmers young and old become more comfortable in the water. If you or your little one needs an extra hand or if you’re heading out into deeper water, be sure to pack life jackets. Life vests are available in child and adult sizes to ensure a proper fit. You’ll also want to bring along a duffle bag with a towel and a change of clothes so when you’ve had your fill in the water, you’ll be ready for whatever fun might come next.