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Kids' Educational Games

Kids' Educational Games

There's nothing more enjoyable for a kid than an educational game that encourages kids to learn through play. It's especially enticing to parents when children don't even realize that they're playing an educational game. Of course, with so many kids' educational games from video and computer to board and card games, the possibilities are endless for your little ones to grow, learn and have fun, all at the same time. 

Educational Computer and Video Games

With rapidly growing technology come a slew of games that both entertain and educate children young and old. These interactive games combine technology with kid-friendly amusement to bring your children animated games that can improve basic skills, knowledge and support their education. The Kurio 7 tablet, which runs Android 4.0, comes packed with popular games that can help your children learn through play. With hundreds of free open source educational games, your child can spend hours learning and playing on their parental-controlled tablet.


If you don't want your child to have access to the internet, you can invest in handheld video game consoles like Lexibook games, where your children can play classic arcade games, learning games and more on a pre-loaded console. More cost effective than a tablet, handheld gaming devices boost hand-eye coordination, logic skills and more. Your child can have fun while playing games that push them to think more creatively.


Of course, standard computer games can also offer educational value to your child's play time. In addition to becoming acclimated to computer usage at a young age, you'll find a variety of kids' games that are perfect for learning. With fun educational games for kids that can help them in everything from math and science to reading and spelling, your children are sure to have hours of learning entertainment. For older kids, you can find trivia games, historical games and more to expand on educational topics that interest your children.


Educational Card and Board Games

Of course, there's nothing quite like classic board and card games to help your children learn. With cooperative games that teach sharing and working together toward the same goal, your child will learn about social interaction. In addition to interaction with others, your children can also expand on classroom knowledge with games that test their skills. Educational Insights offers a vast selection of games that are enjoyable and excellent learning tools. Games like Wordical and Pass the Peas help children with letter recognition and word-building. Other games, like Free Range Fractions and Even Steven's Odd, are perfect for numbers and math problem-solving.


For older children, you'll find a wide selection of board games that teach them about strategy, boost creative thinking and even expand on already-learned ideas and skills. Scrabble is an excellent strategy and word game that pre-teens and teens can play to improve their vocabulary, strategic thinking and more. Cranium is the perfect game for engaging several parts of the brain. From word puzzles and artistic challenges to communication skills and trivia knowledge, this game pushes your kids to think inside and outside the box. 

Kids' Educational Games


The excitement of playing games starts with an enjoyable game. Whether it's a single-player video game or a competitive card game with the whole family, your child's learning doesn't have to end in the classroom. With fun educational games for kids, your children are sure to enjoy learning at home just as much as they love playing. Regardless of your child's age, you'll find a variety of games that are suitable for their level of knowledge and understanding.