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All About PS4

All About PS4

Just in time for holiday season, the Sony’s new PlayStation 4 will be available to buy at Kmart. The new console, which will be released in November, is expected to take gaming to a new level with improved connected gaming, powerful speeds and high-fidelity graphics. The PS4 has something to offer for everyone from serious gamers to those who don’t play at all. Gamers will get the most out of deeply immersive experiences the new technology has to offer, while others will be able to stream music and music, as well use popular social media apps. The new user-friendly interface makes it easy for multiple users to log in and personalize their settings. 



Take gaming out of the living room with a system that’s even faster and more powerful than its predecessor, the PS3. Users will have the option of using the console's 500-GB hard drive to store games and data, but the PS4 has cloud storage capability, allowing you to store more data using the Internet. The PS4 is also the perfect device if you want to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music. Play a Blu-ray disc or DVD, or take advantage of free apps such as Netflix, LoveFilm and Hulu Plus. Users will also have access to Sony’s Music Unlimited, a music streaming service that will be faster, smoother and easier to use than ever before. The best part is users won’t have to purchase a subscription to PlayStation Live, the online gaming and media service Sony offers, to use these features and apps.


The PS4 also allows online gamers to share with friends and other users highlights from the games they’re playing. The Live On PlayStation feature lets you see what others are playing and allows you to share what you’re playing with the push of a controller button. Other online gaming features include being able to play games while they download and having access to the Instant Game Collection, so you can play games without having to download them.


Another major feature is the console’s compatibility and integration with the PS4 Eye, Sony’s latest motion sensor/video device that allows you to play games with your whole body. Even though the device doesn’t come with the PS4, it works in conjunction with the system and the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller to enhance the gaming experience. The PS4 Eye uses to highly sensitive cameras with wide-angle lenses to recognize depth accurately when you’re playing. It also has extra microphones for accurate sound detection while you’re playing.


Sony’s new controller, the DualShock 4, has a new ergonomic design as well as several new features that allow you to interact with games in a new way. The top of the controller features a touchpad, in addition to a light bar. The controller has enhanced vibration for a better experience and a built-in speaker so you can talk with other gamers via PlayStation Live without having to purchase a headset. The controller also has a headphone jack in case you do prefer to listen and interact with a headset.


Get on the cutting edge of gaming with the PS4 at Kmart. We have all the gaming supplies and accessories you need at a price that won't break your Christmas budget.