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Find dorm room essentials and school supplies at Kmart

As summer winds to a close, it's time to stock up on everything you need before heading back to campus. Dorm room essentials can be difficult to find and often cost more than a college student can afford. Luckily, Kmart has a large selection of budget-friendly fridges, TVs, bedding and more that you need to tackle another year at school.

With a limited amount of space, compact dorm supplies and appliances are going to be a key to maximizing your space. Compact fridges from Kenmore will keep leftover pizza chilled and energy drinks cold enough to help you through those all-nighters. Kmart also has a wide variety of bookcases and storage containers so you'll have plenty of room to store everything from textbooks to clothes.

One of the most important pieces of every dorm room is your laptop. Whether you're studying for tests, writing research papers or streaming music, your laptop will be at the center of everything you do. With powerful computers from brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo, you'll always be connected when you need it. Kmart also has HDTVs, portable speakers and alarm clocks to make your dorm room feel like a home away from home. These dorm room essentials will help make life in the dorms comfortable and schoolwork a breeze.