Shopping On A Budget For HDTVs

Who said that shopping for a television was easy? Anyone? Walk into the electronics department of any store and the selections oftentimes become overwhelming. The price points vary considerably, leading you to wonder whether the more expensive television really is a better television. Not always. We’ve compiled a list of the best bargain HDTVs at five different sizes; from a 19-inch “kitchen corner” model to a 55-inch “Super Bowl-worthy” screen. And, we’ve made it easy.

Less Than 20 Inches Wide

Magnavox 19-inch LCD LED HDTV: This HDTV is truly a bargain. If you’re looking for a television that will fit perfectly in your kitchen or a small bedroom, this size is ideal. Magnavox has been making televisions for decades and they pride themselves on superb picture and audio quality.

20 – 30 Inches Wide

RCA 26-inch LCD HDTV/DVD Combo: This television is ideal for a family room, den or bedroom. With the integrated DVD player, there’s no need for a separate DVD player, and the HD inputs and PC input allow you to use it as a computer monitor or video game monitor.

30 – 40 Inches Wide

Seiki 40-inch LCD HDTV: This 40-inch television is Energy Star rated and comes at a great price.

40 – 50 Inches Wide

Panasonic 50-inch Plasma HDTV: Panasonic is another top name in electronics. The plasma display can be viewed from anywhere in the room without fading, so images are always crisp and clear.

Greater Than 50 Inches Wide

Samsung 55-inch HDTV: This truly is a great television for the great price. Sharp picture quality is never an issue — even while watching fast-paced action shows or sporting events.


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