Teach your kids to manage their spending!

Kids in school?

Prepaid cards can teach them to manage their spending. And…help you keep track of it.

Books. Supplies. A late night pizza delivered to the dorm. Popcorn and a movie with the girls. Dinners out. A new concert tee. Oh – and tickets to the concert. When kids are at school, it’s not easy to keep track of their spending. You give them money, but can never be quite sure where it ends up.

At Kmart, we can help you keep track of their spending, while you teach them how to budget and manage the money you send. And it’s easy. Just give them a prepaid debit card to use. It can help them AND you budget too. Just load the money weekly (or monthly) onto the card right at your local Kmart. That way, they won’t be able to spend on extra things without thinking about it first. And, you’ll be able to track how much they’re spending!

With Western Union® Prepaid, you can easily reload the card every week, month or whenever you come into the store to help your student stay within your budget. Western Union has agreements with over 100 stored value cards and that number keeps growing. This list includes cards like NetSpend, Wired Plastic™,  Univision, and Account Now® just to name a few.

So the next time you’re in, stop by the service counter for more information on prepaid cards and all of the available Western Union services that can help you and your kids move and manage money.


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