Can Using a Space Heater Save You Money on Your Heating Bills

space heaterKeeping comfortably warm during the winter can bring you uncomfortably large heating bills. No matter what part of the country you call home or how you heat your home, it is important to save energy and money when possible. To keep cash in your pocket, take the time to seal drafty doors and windows, plug leaks around foundations and, if necessary, add insulation to the attic.

Space heater strategies

Also consider placing space heaters in strategic locations throughout your home. Designed to heat zones rather than a whole house, space heaters used properly in rarely visited rooms like a guest bedroom or pantry allow you to reduce your overall heating costs, You can seal the warm air vents in those spaces and, when people do enter those rooms, all they need to do to make themselves comfortable is switch on the space room
Another good use for a space heaters is maintaining the temperature in a room not currently being used like the living room or a bedroom during dinner. Central heating can be concentrated in the room where you and your family are gathered while one or more space heaters fill in the gaps to warm up the spaces that will later be occupied.

Choosing the right space heater

oil space heaterAs more people have learned about the money-saving capabilities of space heaters, manufacturers have produced an ever-growing range of models. One of the most popular designs uses oil to provide heat. These units are particularly good for heating small rooms and spaces within rooms. Oil-filled space heaters are also very easy to use, quite durable and extremely quiet because they do not rely on internal fans to circulate heated air. These features make them particularly good options for offices and bedrooms where noise would be an issue.

Ceramic space heaters

Ceramic space heaters are inexpensive, small and easy to operate for efficiently heating small and medium-sized rooms. Be aware, however, that a ceramic heater that is too large for its room will waste energy and money, while one that is too small may not provide sufficient heat.

Infrared space heaters

Infrared space heaters are great at warming small spaces and tend to be the most energy-efficient. They produce heat immediately after being switched on, instantly removing the chill from the air. Like oil-filled units, infrared space heaters do not require fans to spread their warmth. That makes them very quiet and easy to live with.
No matter which type of space heater you choose, look for a unit with an automatic shutoff, anti-tipping guard and other built-in safety features. When you place and operate your space heater, it is important to follow all the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer. Shopping for and using the heater with safety in mind will allow you to stay warm all winter long without putting your home or family at risk.


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