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  1. I hate the commercials and refuse to allow my children to watch channels that play your commercials. We home school so my kids do not listen to this type of music ever. What is wrong with good music that actually has good grammar and ethics to teach our children. I can not understand a word your commercial says and refuse to have my children listen to that **** and be influenced by it. I have not shopped at your store since and will not.

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  2. From what I've seen, all kids from all areas play these "dozens", from as far back as can be remembered... Kmart just found a cute way to humorously turn it around to back-to-school shopping. Hoodlums are something else entirely (those who are typically planning to do skull-duggery), in my opinion...

    One ought to see the few 30yrs+ crowd at my job still doing this childish taunting to each other... That to me is ridiculous :):) !

  3. I liked the new commercial. Funny stuff!

  4. I like the commercial! I that it was very funny!

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