Wow, I shopped early for next year’s Christmas decorations — they’re going fast!

Our Kmart has the decorations at half-price already! I decided I want to change my Christmas tree decorations to silver and blue next year. I LOVE the Jaclyn Smith Midnight Clear collection so I bought four sets of the balls in glass and satin, plus the blue and silver ribbon and the silver beaded garland. It’s going to look SO pretty!

But, gosh, there isn’t much left of the good stuff now! I think the store is smart to sell it all now at a good discount! I got the last of the beaded garland and blue and silver ribbon. There weren’t many boxes of balls left, either!


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  1. Awesome, Tea! I found some great deals on holiday wrapping supplies yesterday at my local Kmart and 40% off deals on Womens Apparel. I love the Attention brand and couldn't resist buying a few pieces for myself yesterday while I was shopping!

    Share a photo of you decor with us on your profile if you get a chance! Would love to see the JS Midnight Clear collection you found.

    1. In response to laurelS

      Well, the new ornaments and scheme are for next year! I put them away. My tree now is red and gold. It's pretty but I'm due for a change. I've had it red and gold for several years!

      Laurel, did you get the email I sent you with a question? I need a response as soon as you can. I'm not sure where this coffeemaker came from!

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