Worst Kmart trip yet!

Being the loyal Kmart shopper I am, I’ve come to expect one or two check out lanes open at any Kmart I stop into along with a little longer line than normal but tonight was the worst experience to day. I literally was in line at the Lansing MI Big Kmart on South Cedar for nearly 30 minutes! Counting the customers ahead of us, there were a total of 25 and another 15 behind us. That is very ridiculous for any retailer to make customers wait that long in line just to check out not to mention the fact the cashier was a total *** to me because he was so stressed out. I don’t believe I’ll be returning to this store any time soon and its too bad because it once was on my list of good Kmart stores.


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  1. Yikes!

    That is a ridiculous length of time for anyone to have to stand in line. Back in my day as a cashier with Kmart, we were only allowed to have 5 people waiting in line, anymore than this we had to call for more checkers. Guaranteed this was over 20 years ago, but it should still apply to our customers today.

    Where was management in all this chaos? This is one reason why their is a decline in customers returning to our stores, the wait can be unbearable. Our managers back then did not hesitate to jump in and provide a lending hand in keeping the value of "customers come first".

    There goes any positive experiences you had in the past about this store. I know that other factors may have come into play like the flu, or scheduling properly, but at least the cashiers, stressed out or not, should be thanking you for being patient and saying sorry for the inconvenience of the length of time. This in my eyes would have been a deal breaker in my return.

    Boy, that really saddens me to hear that this has happen to you, but I do hope in time you give the store another chance to try and redeem itself ;)

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      I'll end up shopping at this location again but not for a few months because I'd rather go to my regular Kmart over in Saint Johns MI which is about the same distance from my home, 30 miles!

      I'm one of those customers who usually deals with the situation without complaining, the friend I was with wasn't shy at all and walked over to another employee who was scanning winter coats in the former K-Cafe area a few feet away asking her if it was common practice for them to only have one lane open on a Saturday. I heard her say the other cashiers were all on break and then proceeded to walk over and tell all of us in line if we had ten items or less we could be rang up over at Jewelry.
      The fact this lady stood there scanning coats the whole time in full view of the growing line of customers and did nothing is the sad part and there wasn't even an attempt at getting a few cashiers back up to the front after it had to be pointed out to her.

      I stopped going to one over in Flint MI on Miller road because of this same problem, was going there every time I needed a Kmart trip even though it was a much smaller Kmart than most.
      I believe every effort at keeping customers coming back to the one in Lansing I had problems with last night should be important since its the only Kmart left in town. Even more sad they closed the good one a few years back on the other side of Lansing leaving the ghetto run down South Cedar store open instead.
      Its also very important for the employees of this Lansing store to really be making effort in good customer service now due to the fact the Meijer store a few blocks down is receiving a total remodel which will be attracting a lot of customers when its all completed. Remodeling this Kmart store probably would also be a great idea to keep up with the competition.

      As you said Wendy, the cashier should not have been so rude to anyone due to stress. I work at Little Caesars and always treat the customer like I would a family member even if they are doing nothing but causing me stress because most do. I might put on a fake smile but I never make it obvious to the customer and always begin & end the transaction with a friendly greeting and departure. ALWAYS Thank the customer and wish them a good day/evening even if they were rude.

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      The other day during one of my own shifts at Little Caesars I was having a bad day due to being busy and short handed so the next customer that walked in seemed like an annoyance. I caught myself rushing the couple I was waiting on and felt bad enough that I had to admit and apologize to them. They probably didn't notice I was rushing them but because I did I gave them free Crazy Bread. Because of that gesture on my part they ended up buying sauce to go with it so it pays to be nice. :-)

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      It sure does!

      I worked in fast food for many years in management and being short handed can put quite the stress on everyone whom is working. You sound like you are a great influence with co-workers, its great to hear that "customer service" is still alive at your store!

      I had went to ours last night through the drive up and forgot to add something while ordering. When I got to the window I apologized, and that I needed to add something else. He looked at me like I was the worse person possible. His body language says a lot as he reluctantly added it on and told me my total. As I was waiting for my order I could see why he was being a stinker, he had friends a the counter and wanted to get back to them.

      So that is why I said you are probably a great influence where you can teach and show others how it should be done. That is one trait I have instilled in my kids no matter where they are working. ;)


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