Won’t post Bonus points

It won’t post the 10,000 bonus ShopYourWayRewards points to my rewards account even though it said that the Promo/Coupon code worked online and under Orders tab it says I earned the 10,000 in extra points. It was the $10 in points for $50 purchase SYWR coupon, I put the Promo code in at Cart & checkout.


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  1. Hi, Princess! Sorry to hear about this. Are these the points we worked with you on to add back to your account when you weren't able to redeem the offer in-store due to technical issues? I will be happy to help you with this further!

    1. In response to laurelS

      no, that worked out fine and great.

      These points were from an online purchase last week.
      I typed in the promotional code and it said it worked, and it also appeared on my current orders tab that I earned 10,000 bonus points.
      But so far I see $1.34 on my Rewards account instead of $11.34.

      Will it eventually show up?

      And on it says the coupon is still available to use (I'm pretty sure its a one-time use coupon) even though I typed it in and says that I earned the points on the Kmart order tab.

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