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With spring rapidly approaching I would like to plant something that will attract hummingbirds to my yard. I live in San Diego near the coast. Any suggestions?


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  1. San Diego offers a wonderful climate for growing quite a variety of beautiful hummingbird plants, shrubs and vines to suite any garden style. As for vines, a few worthy contenders for growing near the coast include Chinese trumpet creeper (Campsis grandiflora), cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit), cape honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis), and honeysuckle (Lonicera) such as coral or gold flame honeysuckle (L x heckrottii).

    As for shrubs and perennials, you might consider agastache, crocosmia, calliandra, ceanothus, Australian fuchsia (Correa), pineapple guava (Feijoa sellowiana), any of the scented geraniums (Pelargonium), any of the salvias (try hummingbird sage), or agastache. Happy planting!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Thank you so much for the large selection. I'm headed to Kmart today to see what I can find.

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