will i win a gift card like it says on my reciept? i really want to so lets hope. thanks

id like to use it for more christmas stuff!


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  1. At various times throughout the year (including this week), Kmart gives a $5 cash card to Shop Your Way Rewards members who spend more than $50 (pre-tax, excluding some departments). This is automatically processed at the register and you will receive your gift card immediately if you are eligible. In layaway, however, instead of giving a $5 gift card, $5 is simply deducted from the layaway purchase price. If, as Laurel said, you're referring to the $200 cash card contest, you need to go to the website printed at the bottom of the receipt and enter the contest in order to have a chance to win. Good luck!

  2. Hi, tanyagar. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Are you referring to the Kmart Customer Satisfaction Monthly Survey Sweepstakes (from your Kmart receipt)? If so, best of luck! That extra $200 at Kmart would be nice this time of year wouldn't it?! :)

    Happy Holidays!

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