Will I be able to purchase the 32″ TV’s for $97 online? Or do I have to go in store to get it? Also, if there are only certain deals online, is there an AD just for online deals? Thanks!


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  1. If you are viewing the offer in the Black Friday weekly circular, these offers are for in-store purchases so you will need to visit your local Kmart on Black Friday. There is no separate ad to view online offers for at this time. Hope this helps!

  2. It seems like there's both the option to pick it up at the store or have it shipped. I scored a $199 39-inch HDTV over the weekend at and the reason I was able to get it was that our local Sears still had it in stock. So, I put the TV on layaway online and it's all good. You could always use the layaway option, too, if you don't need it right away!

  3. Hi, jonjon3174. Just want to make certain you are referring to purchasing the TV at a Kmart store or on, correct? Please let us know so we can assist you further!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Talking about purchasing the TV on

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