Why were items for Black Friday given away 4 hours before the store was opened in vouchers?

Store in Peoria, IL gave vouchers for items 4 hours before the store opened.


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  1. I worked in the electronics department on both Thursday and Friday mornings. As Laurel said, the electronics items for the doorbuster sales were in limited quantities, and the ads indicated the minimum guaranteed stock for every item. (As it turns out, many stores, including mine, received over that amount for certain items.) Vouchers for the items were given to customers on a first come, first served basis, meaning those who waited in line the longest had the first opportunities to receive the vouchers. Unfortunately, we did have customers who complained that they weren't able to buy what they wanted, but I think the voucher system is the fairest way to handle this. It WOULDN'T be fair for someone to wait in line for 5 or 6 hours only to find that someone who walked in 5 minutes after the doors opened managed to get a particular item first.

  2. Hi, thepow. Given that the items were limited in quantity, vouchers were distributed for each door buster offer to customers beginning at the front of the line. Because of limited quantities, we were not able to guarantee that all customers in line would receive a voucher or be able to purchase the item. Hope this helps!

  3. Crowd Control!

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