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I used to shop kmart all the time but will no longer shop there and will be getting rid of my shopper rewards…applied to why not lease it and was denied and meet all requirements..I bring home 3500 a month…have checking account..and more. I have sexy credit buying a car and etc. I will be contacting better business because it’s looking like false advertisement….and due to you guys not saying a reason for denial and yes before you go with the whole did you call and email yes I did and no I will be contacting a lawyer since you take personall info and use it obviously and give no explanation. So you really need to fix this **** at least at rent a center and Aaron’s you can go in there and get stuff…I have used them in past because you walk in…make payment and walk out with item…why not credit card well we have a couple but so not like using them they are for emergency use.


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  1. Hi,Friendnw1!

    Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    I am extremely sorry to hear that your application had been denied and appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.

    Unfortunately, we are not authorized to view information regarding this program.

    Please know that WhyNotLeaseIt™ is an independent service provider and not an affiliate or licensee of Sears®, Kmart, Shop Your WaySM or any other Sears Holdings Corporation entity or affiliate.

    Thank you for taking the time in sharing your thoughts with us on this issue!

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