Why limit the Quantity of Door Buster Items below the nunber of expected people expected to enter the store in the first hour of a sale.Bad Buisness practice.You don’t see your competiters doing that.They at least stock enough product to cover the first rush! Once upon a time Kmart Was Very Good At That! What Happened?

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  1. I worked in the electronics department on both Thursday and Friday mornings. In my department alone we had over 100 customers waiting to take advantage of the sale prices. I don't think ANY store is capable of stocking enough merchandise to meet the needs of such a huge crowd, especially when there are three doorbuster sales over the course of two days. We gave out tickets to those who were waiting in line, and the number of tickets matched the number of items we had available for sale. It was on a first come, first served basis, and so those who were waiting in line the longeet had the earliest opportunities to reserve the items that they wanted.

  2. Seriously? There were hundreds of people in line before the doors opened at our store. There's no way that Kmart OR its competitors have hundreds of each of the big items like TVs on hand. Target and Best Buy are notorious for only having just a few of the big items, if they have any at all. I remember the year the Wii came out -- my son and his friend waited outside of Target hoping to get a Wii and it turned out the store didn't get ANY in. Now, Kmart did have lots of the other doorbusters. I got the items I went for -- they had lots of racks and boxes of everything. It's just the electronics that are in limited quantities. The ads state this and everyone knows about it, or should by now! For the first time, Walmart is guaranteeing that they will get everyone who wanted one of the three main doorbusters and was in their stores at the time the sale started their items by the end of December. We'll see how that works out and if they can pull it off!

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      When Sam Walton died.... it was the beginning of the fall of Walmart. It might not happen fast...but it will happen.Kmart is stocking better quality items and their layaway is fabulous. Forget Walmart and their sneaky ways of doing business. IMHO

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      I agree. Kmart and Sears had fantastic Thanksgiving and Black Friday specials! I hope that people start shopping more at Kmart again and quit assuming that Walmart has the lowest prices on everything. Oftentimes, they don't!

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      You're right - the Kmart doorbuster ads stated the minimum quantity each store is guaranteed to receive for the electronics items. It turned out that my store received well above the minimum guaranteed quantity for many items. Still, if you find that you want to buy a TV for $88 but the ad says only two, for example, are guaranteed to be there, it might be a good idea for you to get in line EARLY. At my store there were customers who camped out for 12 hours to be at the head of the line!! With such dedicated "waiters," one really has to plan ahead for the holiday sales!

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      Walmart's layaway is truly confusing our Kmart customers. Unlike Walmart, Kmart's layaway is available for every department every single day. Many of my customers were very, VERY pleasantly surprised that layaway was even available for our three doorbuster sales!