Why is the Treasures rings in the circular(sale 11/25/12-12/24/12) 70% off and I had to pay full price today for one?

The sales lady said the one we got was not on sale, but it had tha same name on the tag(she read the name to us) and charged full price.


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  1. Hi, tsnyder. Can you please share a bit more information regarding the product you purchased and the offer you found in the circular?

    A few questions for you that will help me research further:
    1. Did you order the item online or make the purchase in-store today?
    2. Did you find the 70% off offer online or in the print circular?
    3. What is the item number (ex. Item# 030VA51663901P) of the item you purchased?

    Please reply directly to the questions above in a reply in this thread so we can help you further with this. Thanks!