Why don’t SHLD take a good look at Kmart Austrailia’s Stores they are doing Quite well and Remodeling and Opening New Stores at a regular pace?

Kmart rapidly changing business model by closing its stores. What happens when they run out of realestate to sell and there’s no retail stores left?


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  1. I think that is part of the problem, I don't think SHC owns the Kmart buildings I think most of them are leased. Leases have to be renewed every once in awhile so SHC has to make a commitment to keeping that lease going or just letting it go.

    I personally like Kmart products but I don't shop there as much as I could because of the music they play. I walked out the other day and left a basket of stuff because a nasty song came on, sorry but don't insult my senses with that junk. There are at least ten other places within 5 miles of where I'm sitting that I can choose from. My first choice was Kmart and they chased me away.

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      Wow - You're right about that music ! I stopped in yesterday and was negatively wowed from some 'song' that was playing :(

      This should be re-thought-out !

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      I don't understand how Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA", Elton John's "Daniel", or OutKast's "Hey Ya" are "bad song choices". I like a little rock n' roll sound while walking around the Kmart.

      Not sure what 'songs' they play when you shop.

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      "Negatively wowed" is a good description Yobarps. I'm not sure what direction Kmart is going with that, but I agree, it does need to be re-thought.

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      I too like a little rock&roll also. PrincessAM, what I meant was the rap song that was playing wasn't one of those cute little disarming harmless ones - instead, it was kinda hard. None of retail will usually include hard or sexy rap, country, pop, spiritual or hip-hop in their playlists for obvious reasons.

      Our nation is flying along too fast and a bunch of us are trying to preserve what we can for the generations to come. I'm getting older by the day and I'm starting to feel the pinch of being offended by outward cussing and questionable subject matter in public. I think that may be why so many of us revert to the 'safe' music of the past (fifties thru the eighties) that was so commonplace in retail as background music.
      Remember, everyone, that Miley and a few others are the only ones who need to express themselves as vulgar, and they're actually restricting their earning potential because a lot of countries world-wide won't let them perform inside of their gates... I don't wonder why...

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      yobarps, I do agree with that. Those genres can be left out of public setting with such various folks around. If people want to listen to hard rap then they can do that elsewhere instead of having the store radio play it for them.
      For example I'm a big fan of George Carlin and my friend doesn't like it cos' he says he's too vulgar.

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      I'm with ya, PrincessAM ! He's a scream and very talented, like so many other "Blue" artists, as described by Redd Foxx years ago (that used to be the term which let the buying audiences know what to expect)...

      I know that we're living in newer times, but kids gotta be protected :):) !