Why does you MYGOFER program **** so bad?

It takes the store more than 2 hours to get your items. Why? you ain’t that busy, why aggravate your cusomers especially when Walmart is right down the st. Maybe thats why they are bigger than you. they know how to treat customers


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  1. I really like mygofer. Two hours is not a unreasonable wait. If you need it sooner, then I agree with londonteatime, just go to the store and pick it up yourself! Although I don't know why mygofer isn't available at every Kmart store. Both my sons are away at college and they live in a town that has a Kmart. I use mygofer a couple of times a month for them. I pick out goodies and snacks then have them go pick them up. It's fun for them because it's a surprise and it's great for me because it gives me the ability to shop for them without physically being there.

    1. In response to inuvik

      I forgot to add the ability to buy mygofer credits is totally awesome! I'll add 5 or 10 dollars whenever I think about it and let it build up then I'll make a big order and use them. It's weird though, I find that buying things through mygofer for shipping is better because they will pull inventory from a store, not just the distribution center. So sometimes items will show out of stock on both the Kmart & Sears websites, but I can get them through mygofer because it will ship directly from a store that has it in inventory.

  2. Wow, seriously? You're holding up Walmart as this great place for customer service? I'm disabled and asked a big burly male Walmart employee in the pet department to please put a large bag of dog food in my shopping cart. Even though I must use a quad cane to walk and he saw it, he growled at me about how I should do it myself. After this happened a few times, I flat out stopped shopping at Walmart unless I needed something only they had or needed to shop when every other store was closed.

    And that's also when I started buying dog food and pet supplies at Kmart. The employees there are happy to help me load dog food into my cart and then into my car after I pay for everything, too.

    If you need something sooner than 2 hours then why don't you just go to the store and buy it on the spot? No one is forcing you to use MyGofer.

  3. Hi pmerlino,

    Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    I am sorry to hear that MyGofer caused you some form of frustration in ordering.

    Typically our stores are able to have orders ready to pick up within 2 hours, but this can also depend on the specific location.

    They do advise a 2 hour frame to receive your pick up email once the order is placed, just in case the store is extra busy or that they may be short staffed.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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