Why does lease and go take your info and run?

So I make a decent (more than comfortable amount) of money not a huge amount but no debt either. After about 2 weeks of trying to get ahold of whynotleaseit, I am done who can I forward the below info to, it needs to be seen and re-evaluated by corporate before calling them a partner and undersigning your own name/brand. Below is an email with sensitive data stripped from it.

I applied for an account at my local kmart and got denied and am curious to why. I have an account with aarons that is in good standing, an account with rent-a-center that is in good standing, and an account with fingerhut that is in good standing. I also have all utility bills in good standing and have never been late on rent. I make about $1600-$2000/mo depending on the month and $1600 is the low end. I also all bills paid walk away with $200-600 a month of extra cash that is even after taxes, stock, savings, and 401k/IRA. So please reconsider as I am baffled I got rejected l. It is very embarrassing for some one that does well like me financially.

Hello Joseph,

What is the last 4 of your social?



Checking on the status of my application you asked for my social last 4 digits. They are ****.

Below is a full transcript of a chat I had with Chris who stopped speaking after noting down my last four digits of social security number and disappearing.(This may be reported) Please give clear response as to why I was declined and a plan of action to remedy the situation.

this conversation went on for coming up to 2 weeks. Yet still no response not even an explanation to why he asked for the last of my social and disappeared.I checked the email headers and they are from whynotleaseit


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  1. Does your home address match exactly on all forms of information?

  2. Hi,jtownsend1190!

    Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    I am extremely sorry to hear that your application had been denied and appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.

    Unfortunately, we are not authorized to view information regarding this program.

    Please know that WhyNotLeaseIt™ is an independent service provider and not an affiliate or licensee of Sears®, Kmart, Shop Your WaySM or any other Sears Holdings Corporation entity or affiliate.

    Please contact the Why Not Lease It Customer Support Team for additional support by phone at 1.855.949.6685 or by email at

    Thank you!

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