Why do they list them on Store Locater?

So this Summer I am going with my family to Chicago, IL. I was looking for potential Kmart stores that I could visit, the thing that got me is why they list there being a store 14 miles away in Homer Glen that I heard closed early this year. I’m just wondering if they could make space on the 10 nearest locations with currently operating stores. What if someone went there thinking there was still a K-mart there?


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  1. Howdy PrincessAM !
    If you get the chance, check out the SuperK in TinleyPark on Harlem Ave ! It's east of Homer by about 5miles on the same road (Rte.7) The HomerGlen locale is indeed closed... Those Chicago stores can be a bit rough... Stick to the 'Sticks (much better in most ways) {^*,!!!

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      Hullo, yobarbs! Great to hear from you.

  2. Hi PrincessAM,

    I understand completely when using this tool for it can send customers to an empty building.

    I have been going through the list to see what ones are open near Chicago. So far I have 5 for you.

    Kmart #4729 1360 Ashland Ave North Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 292-9400
    Kmart #9376 5033 North Elston Chicago, IL 60630 (773) 685-1121
    Kmart #3371 3443 W Addison Chicago, IL 60618 (773) 478-1334
    Kmart #3594 5050 S Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60632 (773) 476-7887
    Kmart #4235 7050 S Pulaski Chicago, IL 60629 (773) 767-2800

    Hope this helps you a little bit before visiting the Chicago Area!

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      yeah, I was planning on visiting the one on Ashland if we stay near the north/downtown. And on the way home visiting the Super Kmart in Homewood, IL which I've visited twice before. Haven't been to the Ashland one, but maybe I'll got to the one N. Elston depending on where we're booked.

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      Sounds like you are going to be quite busy. Have a great time when you go for their is a lot to see and visit! ;)

      As a reminder, we do have a contest for Mothers Day! Feel free to enter for your chance to win!