Why do only some Kmart stores have mygofer?

It seems odd and unorganized for SHC to only have some Kmarts be participating in mygofer. I mean why wouldn’t this be available at every Kmart?


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  1. Same here. I would definitely use mygofer if it were available at my local Kmart (Springdale, AR), in the shadow of the Wally monster corporate office.

  2. It looks as if Mygofer is going 6 feet under!

  3. Hi, inuvik6. Welcome back!

    Some Kmart locations are not yet equipped to offer MyGofer services. Expansion is a priority for the coming year so keep an eye out for a MyGofer location in your area soon!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thanks LaurelS. Been lurking here since the changeover to the new website (really miss the old one). Really frustrating to sit by & watch Kmart wither away. I mean how scary is it from a marketing perspective to live in a nation of over 350 million people to have a open type forum like this that might have maybe 100 people that post with any regularity? The message is obviously not getting through to the consumer. Kmart has a lot of good things to offer the American consumer. It seems as though there is a total disconnect between operations & marketing. I follow the social media sites that SHC operates and oh my goodness they are a mess. Don't get me wrong, I am not a genius by any stretch of the imagination but even I can see how in it's current form the message that the public is getting is totally counterproductive. I have sent multiple messages to try & express my concerns about how horrific all of this looks but I never get any response. It is frustrating to watch how good employees (like yourself & others) try to put out fires, but then watch corporate management hand out gasoline & matches. It almost seems at times that SHC has a "Manchurian Candidate" in it's corporate operations trying to blow everything up while everyone else tries to hold it all together and keep the wheels on. Sorry to ramble on so long about this but it is truly a crisis and a shame. I appreciate all of the hard work that you & others do. I honestly try to patronize Kmart as much as possible even though obstacles are placed in my way. But I cannot keep Kmart solvent on my own, you need about 100 million more people to get there. That's where effective marketing comes into play and have a focused social media campaign that helps the corporate bottom line, not destroy it. OK, I'm off the soapbox now.

    2. In response to laurelS

      It's so great to see you here again, inuvik6! I certainly appreciate you and your contributions! No need to apologize for sharing your thoughts and concerns here. I am grateful to hear you're passionate about Kmart's potential and I hope to hear others in the community share their hopes and dreams, concerns for Kmart as well. This community is a space for all feedback (the good & the bad) and we truly appreciate hearing your thoughts, inuvik. Please do continue to reach out & engage with us here!

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