Why did you quit carrying the Women’s Joe Boxer Satin String Bikinis?

They had great reviews and they were my favorite underwear!


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  1. I am so sad they got rid of these, as a man that wears them its impossible to find these anywhere now please help me locate some and or bring them back!

  2. Can we, OR I (ME) buy the pattern to the Joe Boxer Sating String Bikini? I own around 200 pair, but now that they are gone, I don't want to cut one apart to duplicate them. It is sad, they are in SUCH DEMAND, and I see them on E-Bay selling from $25 to $85 a pair... This was a stupid move K-Mart (Joe Boxer) They were just starting to make a standing, and were going to grow in sales exponentially fast, and then you stop making them? Don't really understand that move, your company is in threat of going under, you need revenue, and you stop making what sales, so now you have less revenue? It's like trying to put out a grease fire with gasoline... the stupidity behind it is mind blowing.....

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      Try contacting Joe Boxer. Their number is 1.800.549.4505. I was not able to find an email address.

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      This answer has been removed.

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      I was able to find an address and email address on the Joe Boxer Canadian web site.

      Joe Boxer Canada Head Office
      1400 Whitehorse Road
      Toronto, Ontario M3J 3A7

      Phone: 1-800-268-7939

  3. It is at all possible to locate any in Western Massachusetts or in North or Central Connecticut? I live on the MA, CT border.

    I thought I saw somewhere that they were available again online, is there any truth to this rumor?

    I just KNOW I won't find another that I love as much as these. I hate when popular things are discontinued. :(

    (PS: My favorite pair say I Love JB, this happens to me my boyfriends initials)

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      Hi I'm local to you, and i read online somewhere they have satin thongs in stores and not online.. Have u been recently? Curious if its true..

  4. Also male, my favorite fit and feel panties!
    Please bring them back

  5. Maybe us guys and gals should try contacting Joe Boxer to see if they would start carrying these satin string bikinis again. Their number is 1.800.549.4505. I was not able to find an email address.

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  6. Can you please let me know where I can find these still. I'm in northern OH 44870 need size 6. I'd be interested in bikini or thong

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      Hi Rayman86,

      As of last month this discontinued item was pulled from our systems and is no longer available.

      We appreciate you stopping in to check on its availability!

    2. In response to Rayman86

      I have several available. Contact me at

  7. I can't believe Kmart quit carrying the Women's Joe Boxer Satin String Bikinis. I am a male and have tried all the major brands of satin string bikinis. The Joe Boxer brand is the only brand that fits the male anatomy. Please bring these back for all the panty wearing men and women!!!

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      ? lol ? like wut ? I doubt it provides any better support than any other panty.
      You should try brief cut panties :)

      I like your username tho

      :) :)

      Nice day to you!

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      These are perfect for the average to smaller size male. You should read the reviews for these bikinis. They are almost all from males. The satin feels so good against your skin and the colors and patterns just pop. Men's underwear is just boring. I'm sure you would agree.

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      I am a larger size male and these fit perfectly. I like the picture of your collection.

    4. In response to I_Worship_Satin

      The point was not support yah idgit... it was how they fit "AROUND" the crotch... read and comprehend before you reply... gotta love morons who speak before they fully understand what it is they are replying to...

  8. I am willing to purchase from any location - looking for size 9 or 10. I am willing to buy multiples. Please email me if you have stock. I am in Tampa Florida. Thank you for your help.. Its a shame.. I have been wearing these for years!

  9. I have several of these panties available in all sizes, colors, and prints. Prices vary but start at $9.95 each. Interested parties can inquire at

      • tnsa
      • Harrison Township, MI

    I am so disappointed. Please bring them back! If there are any in the Detroit Michigan area please let me know. Thanks

        • tnsa
        • Harrison Township, MI

      In response to tnsa

      Forgot to mention size 6.....

    1. In response to tnsa

      Hi tnsa,

      Thank you for reaching out to see if there is any stock left on this item. Just to let you know that this specific item is going fast, but hopefully I can find some locations in Michigan for you.

      Once I locate stores I will be sending the list via email.

      Thank you for including the size!

  10. Hi,
    Is it possible to still get these? I need a size 8 or 9. There isn't a Kmart close to me, but I would be willing to drive to find them. Any location in North Dakota or Montana? Or any suggestions at all? I don't want to spend $13 a pair on ebay if I can avoid it.

    Thank you

    1. In response to KristiG

      Hi KristiG,

      I would be happy to check on these sizes for you. Once I compile the locations I will be sending via email.

      Thank you!

  11. I just went to the Kmart in Somerset, NJ and was so so disappointed to see they didn't have any of this underwear any longer. Then I came home and thought I can order on line. Much to my surprise Kmart doesn't carry them any longer.. Why???? I have been wearing these for years. I am soooooooo sad. Does anyone know were else they sell this exact kind? Would appreciate it..

    1. In response to ivory6353

      Hi Ivory6353,

      If you can tell me the size you are looking for I might be able to see which stores may still have that size in stock for you.

      Thank you!

  12. Could you check to see what stores in northern New Jersey carry these in size 6. It's to bad that they have been discontinued.

    1. In response to VetDr

      Hi VetDr,

      We appreciate you reaching out to us in the MyKmart Community!

      I have sent you locations in NJ via email for they are not given within specific N,S,W,E locations.

      We hope this helps!

      Thank you!

    2. In response to VetDr

      I called customer service as suggested and they were no help. They could not understand the item I wanted and instead ordered me several packs of 6 pack assorted cotton string bikini. This is very frustrating.

    3. In response to VetDr

      Hi VetDr,

      I am researching further on this issue for it seems that the KSN ID is not listed in their systems now.

      We will post an update as soon as we here anything.

      I appreciate you sharing and letting us know of this issue!

    4. In response to VetDr

      Is there any update on this issue

    5. In response to VetDr

      Hi VetDr,

      Sorry about that, currently this discontinued item has been removed from the systems and is no longer available.

      We appreciate you checking in on this update.

      Thank you!

  13. Hello! I am interested to know if there is a Kmart location near me, in Southern California, that still sells these. I would love to purchase some, preferably in a size 9. Thank you.

    1. In response to kohchan

      Hi Kohchan,

      I have sent an updated list to your email.

      Please let us know if you have not received.

      Thank you!

  14. I am shocked to find they are no longer available to order online as well. I would like to add my request to those requesting stores that have them available in size 9, in Oklahoma. and PLEASE start carrying this item again. thanks.

    1. In response to vickiarc

      Hi vickiarc,

      I would be happy to check on this for you. Please know that once I locate your size I will be sending locations via email.

      Thank you!

  15. Please reconsider bringing them back! I love these satin bikinis and I cannot find any other place that sells similar product. Basically I used to visit Kmart every other week to check/buy the new designs. I don't go that often any more.

  16. Yes they were my favorite as well. Please reconsider bringing them back to the store shelves. There are plenty of people out there that love these.

  17. If you could pass along that there is demand for these, and that it's difficult to find a replacement product, which made KMart special for a lot of shoppers.

    1. In response to Jessica0611

      Hi Jessica0611,

      Thank you for your thoughts on this specific product. Feedback has been forwarded on to the appropriate departments.

      We appreciate you sharing with us in the MyKmart Community!

  18. hello....i live in lansing mi. can you provide me with stores nearby that have these in stock? my local just discontinued them!

    1. In response to brandii

      in size 6 7 or 8 is fine

    2. In response to brandii

      Hi brandii,

      Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

      Thank you for inquiring and I have provided a list via email to you on stores that may have these sizes still in stock.

      Good luck!

    3. In response to brandii

      Where can I find these satin string bakinis, the I have bought for years and now they dont have them can you help me find some. washington state marysville or everett please help

    4. In response to brandii

      Hi bad1panda757,

      Can you please provide the size you are looking for? I have also sent an email requesting this information.

      Thank you!

  19. I live in Tennessee. Are there any stores here I can get them at?


    1. In response to JulianaMoon

      Oh..I need sizes 8 and 9. :)

    2. In response to JulianaMoon

      Hi JulianaMoon!

      Thank you for inquiring on this item!

      I will look to see what is available for TN and send via email the findings.

      Thank you!

  20. I need a size 7 in North Metro Atlanta, GA. Are they available?

    1. In response to cw12345

      Hi cw12345,

      Thank you for your inquiry on locating this specific item.

      I have sent you information via email for locations in GA from the list that was provided to us.

      I wish you luck and I hope that this item is still available once you reach out.

      Thank you!

  21. Dear Kmart,

    Are there any stores in Southern California with remaining inventory? Can I order these store to store? Why did you discontinue these - were they not selling well? Please let me know how I can purchase any remaining packages! Thanks.


    1. In response to MadiMadi

      Where you able to find them in SoCal?

    2. In response to MadiMadi

      Hi Riggs60,

      I would be more than happy to provide you with a list of store locations that may still have this item in stock.

      I have reached out via email requesting the size you are needing.

      Thank you!

  22. I just checked eBay and there are a lot of Joe Boxer Satin String Bikinis for sale. You will have to pay a lot more than the $7.99 (4 pack) Kmart price. I'm sure the price will just get higher as the eBay inventories dwindle.

    1. In response to MachoPantyMan

      Hi MachoPantyMan,

      I have never visited the eBay site until today. You are correct, there are plenty of Joe Boxer Satin String Bikinis for sale. One good thing is that most panties are sold individually. I always had a favorite pair in the 4 packs sold by Kmart and the usually two or three pairs would rarely be worn. This way I can just pick and choose the pairs I like. I do have to pay a little extra though. I also see that you live in the same town. Maybe you can give me your contact information and we can compare collections. I can also trade/sell the pairs I don't wear. Thank you so much for the information.


    2. In response to MachoPantyMan

      I just went on eBay today and there are sellers trying to sell some of the more popular colors/patterns for $34.99 a PAIR. That is outrageous. Some of the 4 packs are listed at $29.99. Please bring these back for all us panty lovers (men and women)!!! No other stores carry a similar item.

  23. Dear Kmart,
    I think that the discontinuation of these panties is outrageous. They were my favorite pair of underwear and I would love to be able to get a few more pairs before they are completely gone. Would you please be able to tell the stores that still have them left around pennsylvania? hopefully in a size 7. If not I shall definitely be taking my business to Target and Walmart!

  24. These are the only panties that I have bought for years. Why did aren't they still available? My husband is very upset about this too. Any chance that they may start selling them again?

    1. In response to marsherb1

      Hi marsherb1,

      Unfortunately not at this time. We have forwarded all our members request, so now we are in the process of helping to locate this item while discontinued.

      We appreciate you coming into the MyKmart Community and sharing your thoughts on this specific item with us today!

  25. I also buy these for my wife they have been a favorite of mine if someone could tell me if another location has them available still and if they can be shipped thank you

    1. In response to Kanex52002

      Hi Kanex52002,

      I have requested all the information for the state of Florida. Once we received I would be happy to pass it along.

      Thank you for coming into the MyKmart Community!

  26. I am also sorry that the big K and Sears decided to quit selling Joe Boxer Satin String Bikini Panties.
    I won't wear Hanes. They are too much like Granny Panties. Maybe that's who runs things over there.
    I only hope that Target or Walmart picks up on this and sells Joe Boxer.
    Anyway! I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

    1. In response to Starliteblue002


      Email has been sent providing additional locations in PA.

      Thank you and have a great weekend!

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