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  1. I use to sometimes shop at this Kmart also. Try the Kmart on 153 in Hixson. It is very nice. I like this store much better even though I do not live close to it.

  2. The Lease was probably up or Walmart opened down the road!

  3. Hi, jsargent28. I am very sorry to hear your local Kmart closed. A number of locations were closed in the past year. I will be happy to ask the Store Operations Team for additional insight into the closing of this location and post any info the team can provide here. You can follow all Kmart related news at and subscribe to the news feed to receive the latest updates via email. Kmart continues to operate other Kmart locations close to the Chattanooga area. Please use the store locator to find a location convenient for you: Hope this helps, thanks for taking the time to share your question here!

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