Why did the mykmart site change so much? It seems like a downgrade….

I liked the old site much better. It was easier to navigate on mobile and easier to talk to community members.


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  1. So good to yee you posting again, precious ! I truly hope that we can get a bit of a homepage and discussion area back.... I've also missed the private side of things here... (``,)

  2. Howdy, Deb ! Missed ya here, and here is ... well kinda awkward, isn't it?!?

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  3. Hi, debrockwell. Welcome back and thank you for sharing your feedback. The community was updated in an effort to further streamline the Kmart online experience for customers and provide an avenue for customers to share questions & gain insight on all things Kmart while remaining much closer to 'home' on We are still working hard to build the new community further to meet your expectations. We need your help! What are your suggestions for improvement? I see that you mentioned mobile access and talking with community members. Can you share how you would prefer to talk with other members in this new space? Do you prefer direct messaging on profile pages or perhaps a discussions module? Feel free to share your suggestions and please don't give up on us! We need your support and unique contributions to make this space the warm & welcoming community we all know and appreciate. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts here, deb! We certainly appreciate you!

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      I MISS the discussion board over the Q&A we now have. I think having a Question & Answer section is good but taking away the General Discussion Board wasn't such a good idea. I also miss the whole submit an idea section. It was nice submitting an idea and being able to look through the area on the left to see a status update such as "Launched, Considering or Working on it." Having just that alone made each of us that submitted an idea feel like our say was important just by having it get noticed and acknowledge.

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      Me too, Izel ! I hope that they both come back :)

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      Hey Lauerl! It's good to hear from you all again! I really liked the discussion board because I could read other customers complaints and likes! I always loved taLking about the products I liked in the stores, but I also voiced my opinions on the products I didn't care for. I made some good friends like Yobarps on that board! I wish there was a section where I could talk to people who had liked my same styles, particullarly the Sandra lee line that I love so much! I also loved the ideas section! I put alot of thought into my ideas and requests and alot of them were answered! I suggested a Sandra lee Halloween and harvest line and they are in the stores this season! I also suggested a bathroom remodel and the completely gutted it and now it's beautiful! I felt like they were hearing me out on my wants and ideas and I liked that. I also told them about how much I loved Burt's bees and not two weeks later the products were on the shelves! I diJd wish there was a block user setting on the discussion boards for one user who I didn't like or agree with on anything but other than that I really liked the old site! The new one is very awkward for mobile also.

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