Why close stores before the end of the holidays?

why close 2 Chicago land Super K (Round Lake Beach and Homewood) before the end of the holiday season when that is the time you can possibly make money? especially with the promotions of the layaway programs all over TV, i go to the Super K every holiday since there is no more K or Big K around. makes no sense to waste that money on marketing just to close.


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  1. I opened the Homewood Super K 19 years ago. The corporation then was headed up by Joe Antonini. He KNEW how to run a corporation - Ed Lambert (Sears) won't know how to run a lemonade stand. KMart used to be thee place - before Target, WalMart, Meijers. And the employees were VALUED - there were incentives for employees to be "lifers" - start at KMart, work your way up and retire from Kmart. I knew many people who were in that class of employee. Then Sears took over - and that was the beginning of the end. All employee incentives were gone - associate pride was gone - no one wore uniforms, they downsized the number of employees. We used to have 2 or 3 people per department, over lapping shifts. Now there is one part timer for every 3 departments and they are expected to cover a front register also. There is no care for customers, and that is why they are going under. Customers are the number one key - and Sears and subsequently Kmart treats customers like they are a bother. The store are in shotty condition, dirty, unorganized and uncared for.
    The best thing that could happen to Kmart as a whole is if Sears sold it. Sears used to be a great store also, but they have run themselves into the ground.So long Kmart, I'll never forget you.

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      You are correct on 99% of your issues listed, but the major statement you made is incorrect information. Look it up, Kmart PURCHASED Sears. Sears will never be able to sell off Kmart, but Kmart can sell off Sears. Kmart needs to spend like crazy to give their stores a major upgrade from the clerks, management, to the merchandise.

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      The Round Lake Beach store has been sold and Meijer will be moving in. There is also a rumor that Woodman's could go in either the old Walmart or Dominick's.

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      I am well aware the Kamrt bought Sears out of bancruptcy, but it is the Sears execs that run the whole Godfosaken nightmare, that is why I attribute the disaster to Sears.

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      I have been to the Round Lake Kmart In December & the Employees said Meijer WILL NOT be moving In. They are not sure yet who will be taking that space.

  2. This whole store closing trend has got to STOP! Every time another few store closures are announced we are given the same excuse, either the lease just was decided to not be renewed on an aging building which makes sense or the famous “The store closures are part of a series of actions we’re taking to reduce on-going expenses, adjust our asset base and accelerate the transformation of our business model.”

    This over used reason has made me, one of Kmarts biggest supporters start viewing things in a whole new light. I can't help but take this statement above as a lame excuse because if it were true, SHC should have made a HUGE turn around by now with every Sears, Kmart and other business venture listed under the SHC name.

    I have been watching Kmart be ripped to shreds, more in the past ten years than ever before and its a sad situation that has no reasoning behind it other than corporate greed & mismanagement in a major scale. The saddest part of this situation as a whole...all of these problems are easily fixed and the company could be saved but every store that closes only makes it look like that isn't a priority at all.

    Here is my advice for those higher up making these terrible decisions. When you close one store make sure to fully remodel another no matter what the cost. Most all of these stores haven't seen a remodel since 1978 besides new carts & signage. Oh yes they updated the "service" call system voice for each department too. No more creepy man voice saying "service is needed in lay away" heard multiple times while shopping. ;-)

    Back when the first round of Kmart stores closed when the bankruptcy was announced I watched the company make a foolish decision in Lansing Michigan, closing the good Kmart on the west side leaving the ran down "ghetto" Kmart on the South side open yet nothing has been done to this day to improve this store any.

    Another good piece of advice for a lot of these stores is to totally "clean house" by getting rid of most or all store associates including a few managers at some locations.

    Quite a few problems that hurt sales in a lot of Kmart stores I've shopped are issues caused by the employees. Store cleanliness, organization, correct pricing, proper staffing and expired products on shelves are a major problem for a lot of these stores.

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      The sad thing about the Round Lake Beach store is that they own the land it is on, theres a huge strip mall to the east where theres an empty Wal-mart and Dominiks building and about 10 store fronts which only 3 are being used. and right in front of the Super K theres an Sears Hardware Outlet store that also sits vacant.

      I would think they would want to keep it open so they did not have to pay tax on an empty building. Or is it Obama Care that is the root cause and that is why they are closing before the end of the year?

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      And the last part of correct pricing is actually Corporates fault they send down these wrong prices.

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      The lease thing can be a big concern. There was a hardware store in Columbus that when the lease was ready to be renewed the property owners wanted DOUBLE the current rent. As a business it was a better decision to close the location rather than pay twice as much for the same building. Side closed like 4 years ago and only got filled in the past year. So rather than the property owner accepting what Sears Hardware was currently paying, they sat on empty property for 3 years.

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      Hi, I don't think anything is going to change with Kmart unless Sears Holdings decides to sell it, which I honestly hope they do...if another company like target or even Jcpenney bought Kmart, then we would see the highly needed store remodels that we all want so bad! I think Eddie has just given up, or so it seems, and with only Kmart at least, maybe not Sears. I just hope that if another franchise does buy Kmart someday that they will always keep the Kmart name! I'm still rooting for Kmart!

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      Remember back in the day when most towns had a Ben Franklin 5/10?

      Just like Kmart, Ben Franklin had some financial issues even filing for bankruptcy yet they have managed to survive & thrive in certain areas.

      Ben Franklin stores operate as a typical franchise now days owned & operated by individual store owners which are supplied by a company called Promotions Unlimited.

      IF Eddie would consider possibly allowing Kmart to be franchised off like this we could see Kmart survive, possibly make a turn around.

      Personally, I believe Kmart could operate better under a whole new business model. Focusing on smaller stores with a decent selection of items customers want & need is the main key to success.

      Operating Kmart as a 5/10 type store just might be what is needed to make this change. The only way we would see this idea work would be to also see Kmart open a few small locations in small shopping plazas or in downtown areas that still have life left in them.

      Kmart NEEDS to get back to their roots like Kresge style or Kmart Express Puerto Rico. (Not talking about the gas stations also under the Kmart Express name.) ;-)

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      I agree with you, Eddie doesn't want to put any money in the buildings. The store I work at is falling apart. They own the building. It is sad because he is bringing in new products every week. But when people look at the store they expect lower prices. I do hope someone will buy the company who is willing to put money into the company. I also think they need to put sears as one company and kmart as another, because they are two totally different kind of stores. Both stores are bringing the other store down.

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      Target? I don't think so. They are just a 'nicer' version of "Walmart". I'm not a Target fan. Neither Wally.

      But JCPenney with Kmart would do well. JCPenney is actually doing a good job trying to reinvent themselves, maybe they'll have a way to give Kmart the relevance the brand deserves.

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      Obama Care. Nope, you mean Bush's tax cut for milli multi millionaires. Let's not forget his "Some Children Left Behind".

      I'm not happy with Obama either.

      It's Sears Holdings terrible management that is root of this cause.

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      it was sold, probably meijer

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      Oh right, let's just blame Obamacare for everything that someone else has screwed up. Are you for real? The Affordable Care Act hasn't even started yet and you want to put Kmart's closings on the President? Why not put the blame where it deserves to be and that is on the heads of the stupid suits who run these multibillion dollar corporations?

  3. Hey wait!!, I've been to that Super K in Homewood, IL and I remember buying the latest CD from the rapper Nas called "Life Is Good".

    This is beyond horrible. Where's your sources?

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      people that work there told me, just go in and ask

    2. In response to PrincessAM

      I don't live in Flossmoor or Homewood just happened to swing by the Homewood Kmart on the way to the O'Hare airport. Nice Kmart it was, too bad.

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