Why can I no longer order Essential Garden Citronella Tea Light Candles 12 Piece Pack online?

I’ve been ordering Essential Garden Citronella Tea Light Candles (12 Pack)online from for over two years but just within the past couple months any time I try ordering these it only gives me the store pick-up option.

I’d love to see these available for purchase online with the option to ship to your home, much more convenient for me since I live so far from any Kmart store on top of the fact I’m without a vehicle to get there.

Mosquitoes are HORRIBLE up here in Michigan right now so these citronella tea lights would be really handy for my little lanterns I like to place around the property. I will include a link to the product page in hopes this is fixed.


3 answers

  1. Hi again, Izel. This product is currently not available for ship to home due to being out of stock. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, Izel! Thanks for sharing this question here. We are trying to get some help on this for you, please stay tuned!

  3. The stores listed on the product page that supposedly have this product in stock actually do not. I've checked a couple different Kmart stores this past month but can't find these in the seasonal or any other areas. I know these stores well so if they were put in any area no matter the spot I would have found them by now. :-)

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