Why are they closing the Kmart in Pontiac Mich.Things are really going badly or is it part of the Plan?

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  1. I was unable to find info on this location closing, bconner. Where did you hear this news?

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      Its in Illinois not Michgan.Theres a story about it in the PontiacDailyLeader the local papper in that city.I got the state wrong.Nice looking store judging from the photos.

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      another Illinois location in Homer Glen is closing too! Other retail store shoppers don't seem have to worry about their stores closing, why are Kmart shoppers so unlucky. It's NOT right. It's almost 10 years after Kmart emerged out of bankruptcy, and although Kmart has fewer clientele than Wal-Mart and Tar-garbage-zhey, they (K-mart) should be reliable and steady now! I wanted to see a stronger and steady Kmart, but no.

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      I think that the HomerGlen location was a SearsEssentials as it's last cover, but I haven't been by that one in over a year. It's in a well-to-do area too . . . !

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      I heard that quite a few Kmart stores are currently being (or are going to be) shut down silently. I have not heard anything about a list of closings coming out. I believe last time a closing list was released there was a massive negative effect.

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      I actually wonder why Kmart does not move to nicer and newer vacant stores that are close to old and deteriorating existing Kmart stores. I am familiar with the Cleveland, Ohio area and there is a vacant Walmart (built in 2006) in Garfield Heights that would make a great Kmart or Kmart Supercenter store. There is a Kmart about a block away that was built in the 1970s and it is in a harder to get to location.

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      Perhaps after a while Kmart will bound back into these newer locations... Time to draw breath after the election and see what happens :)

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      Good news perhaps for Kmart. They posted 55 new jobs in three Detroit area Kmart stores and one distribution center in Canton, MI. Little by little, Could this be a sign of a comeback in the works for Kmart?

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