Who has planted a garden this year and how is it doing?

We planted tomatoes and pepper plants along with planting pea, green beans, summer squash, pickling cucumbers and zucchini in our two gardens. Its been a little chilly, cloudy and damp up here in Michigan this year so far so I have to replant the beans and peas this weekend.

Strawberries we planted a row of last year have already produced a handful for us so I’m expecting a lot more since they are ”ever bearing” and produce all season. Plan to be making a lot of jam this year out of those!

Three years ago when it was our first summer in this house I rescued three close to death asparagus plants on major clearance at Kmart, glad to say all three are doing very well and will be ready to harvest next spring. I wanted to give them an extra year to get established, normally its recommended to give them 2-3 years to mature and they already had a really rough start in life.


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  1. I am trying to get my container garden together. All old planters which are large and falling apart. I am trying to grow Fennel, as last year it was too late and now I have no more seeds. I also want to get my chocolate mint , and other types, as mine started growing but the constant shift in temps was it. I can't find one with decent shipping and a good variety. I have something growing and I thought it was spinach, but it may be Kohlrabi. I forgot that I planted seeds and the flowers are yellow. Something just happened. I hit a key etc. and now I have to reply to everyone. I wish there were fresh off the tree fruits. I once tried yellow raspberries, but it was not good.

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      Good morning !
      Sounds like you are an experienced grower, For2Day ! I tried Persian Buttercups from bulbs in a planter for the first time - I'll post a picture when they come to fruition :)
      Good luck on your container garden {^^,!

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      I would love to see those as I can't grow bulbs. I am not sure if I see that variety. I wish that I had land to really grow things, but could do without all the bugs. I get them anyway and some years things that I have never seen before. Also two praying mantis, a grasshopper, and maybe one of those stink bugs, a very very large and long red bug that scared me.

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      Feel free to ask questions with Kris For2Day! She may be able to help with those pesky bugs. I wonder what the big red bug is? I for one, have not seen any red bugs except for the common ladybug.

      I am very curious as to this red bug for we all have different species of bugs in where we live. Keep us posted ;)

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      Howdy ! Had to vamoose yesterday :)

      I have the yard space for growing, but not the knees ; that's why I've tried a few things in planters. I was keeping it a secret, but the ranunculus mixture of Persian Buttercups I found in a dollar store !(",)! I did a star pattern in the 12x12in planter, but only half of them came up so far. I read too late that I was to plant them pointed (sprout) side up (OOPS!).... I'm a newbie to this, but should have read the package much closer :):) ! Perhaps planter urns or boxes will work for you too, For2Day {^^,! Happy Sunday !

  2. Great news, Izel ! All trees, shrubs and gardens in IL are also doing quite well this Spring :) I hope that this year is kinder to all the nations' growers :):) !

  3. Nice! I am with Laurel, you sound like you have an amazing "green thumb".

    I am hoping to plant a few veggies as suggested by Kris in late August after we move. I have never planted before so I am very excited to see if I have a "green thumb" or not.

    I have always wondered too if it was possible to rescue plants like you had. It is good to know that it is possible! ;)

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      I have been waiting for an update on those guinea pigs...

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      Oh my goodness For2Day thank you for asking! I have not talked about them in a while!

      You would not believe how large and very healthy they have grown!

      My grand-baby is loving them immensely and holds them on a daily basis. They turned out to be a great addition to our family. Since they have grown so much, I was able to construct a bigger pen for them by adding 2 together. Now they have plenty of room to run around when not outside being held.

      Very easy animals to maintain and quite the love bugs they have turned out to be! ;)

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      We are all definitely missing our photo space here, Wendy :):) !

      Happy growing to flora And fauna ;)

  4. Wow, Izel! Sounds like you have quite the green thumb!! I am so impressed. I have to say, I didn't realize strawberries did well in Michigan! Kudos to you too for saving the asparagus. :)

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      Michigan is a great state for growing all sorts of fruit because of being situated between the lakes providing the perfect climate.

      South Western Michigan has a lot of vineyards, central Michigan where I live is big on Apple Orchards and Northern Michigan by Traverse City is popular for their major cherry crop.

      Believe it or not, we even grow peaches up here! I have one peach tree I planted this year. If it does well I would like to plant a few more next year which leads me to suggest Kmart needs to start carrying live fruit trees in the spring. ;-)

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      We just picked up a container of Michigan strawberries from the farmer's market this weekend. They are DELICIOUS!

      Your garden sounds so nice and hearty, izel! We actually had our first asparagus harvest this year. We planted it 3 summers ago. We had way more than we thought! It was great.

      Our radishes are looking good, too. It was a cold Spring here, too, was we planted a little late.

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      My gardening issues are nothing compared to the poor farmers around here. Fields keep getting flooded out as soon as its dry enough to replant. I think most fields in my area will do alright but quite a few aren't looking so great.

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      I love to hear about other States and the land around them.

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      I am heading to Kmart today after lunch with the family for Fathers Day. My strawberries are doing quite well so I'm picking up sugar & fruit Pectin to start making jam in a few days.

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      Good Morning Izel!

      I loved those days growing up and helping my grandmother in canning veggies and fruits.

      Fruits were always the hardest for we seemed to eat more than we canned. Blackberries and Strawberry jam were by the favorite in our family.

      Enjoy Father's Day with your family and friends today and have a lovely lunch!

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      Lunch was great with the family as was my trip to Kmart. The canning jars I needed for jam were on sale as was almost everything else I was planning to buy. Gotta love that!

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      I always love going in and expecting a specific price to pay only to find out that my items were on sale that day. Its always nice to save a few here and there. ; )

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