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Which do you prefer for Christmas- live tree or artificial?

If you celebrate Christmas in your home, which type of tree do you prefer and why? Which do you feel is more green and sustainable for the planet?


3 answers

  1. When the kids were smaller we use to always buy ours from the Boy Scouts and drop them back off at the end of Christmas. They have some great trees!

    But as the kids got older we had switched to a beautiful artificial silver tipped that my mother had passed down to us. Unfortunately we gave it away last year for we were downsizing and really had to room to store it.

    So this year we are planning on taking the grand-baby out to pick one from our Community Boy Scouts for their place. There is nothing like the fresh tree smell once you get it inside!

  2. I prefer artificial

  3. We always have done a live tree, although I can understand the benefits of an artificial tree. I love the smell of a real tree, and find it to be more environmental, although that is debatable. Our city picks up the trees and cuts them for wood chips and mulch.

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