There was a list on but it is now gone please post revised list and please open up some superkmarts.


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  1. Fairfield,CA and Rancho Cordova,CA


  3. You can find some closed stores @

  4. I haven't found an actual list as of yet, but some stores I know that are closing are; Winston Salem, NC, Pueblo, CO, Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, Freeport, IL, and Milwaukee, WI. There are probably more, but I'm sure with a crumbling company, they wouldn't want to make it public anymore.

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      you probably mean Milwaukee, Oregon. A different Milwaukee, this one by Portland.

  5. maybe they are not closing anymore Kmart stores. Which is what should happen. Go back to profit!

  6. Its been Deleted.Walmart might steal some Ideas from it.

  7. Hi, vinny101. All News related to Kmart and Sears Holdings can be found here. Please subscribe to the Kmart feed to receive timely news specific to Kmart. Hope this helps!

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      No that doesn't help at all. I know what is I mentioned the list of closing stores doesn't exist on that website. Please put the link back up OR let me know which ones are closing. I am a stockholder who deserves the right to know what stores are closing! FOR 2013

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      Why has Kmart refused to respond to this poor guy after nearly four months. Do you plan to provide any notice to the thousands of employees you plan to put out of work this year - information says Kmart/Sears plans to close 350 stores this year, when will you tell us which ones?

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      Hi Blier,

      Is there specific store locations that you are inquiring on?

      Thank you!

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      Hi - do you have a list of the stores closing in Central Florida? I understand Clermont will close but I'm not sure when. Thank you.

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      I am wondering the same thing. How about stores in southern Illinois, specifically St. Louis market.

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      Ask the local vendors that service the kmarts. They always know who is closing MONTHS before the store tells the associates. I worked in 2 closing kmarts in the claims/receiving area so I worked with the vendors. I knew we were closing both times before anyone even started hinting that we might.

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