Where do you purchase books most often?

I tend to buy books online most often but have been buying in-store occasionally over the winter to enjoy the nostalgic experience.


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  1. I buy books at, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores.

  2. I tend to buy mine mostly online, normally through Amazon for they seem to have better deals.

    In the summertime we use to frequent the library, but since having the little one, it is not matching up with their story time, we have not gone as much this past year. Our fingers are crossed to take her this summer since she is older and really starting to appreciate stories being read to her.

    The past few months we have been purchasing in-store, for the little one is liking her bed-time stories and so we have been reading a variety of books in helping to create her active imagination which is starting to emerge. ;)

  3. I buy my books online or if I know I just need it for reference sake then I go to the library and get it! Interestingly I still prefer having the paper version rather than the digital one :)

  4. I tend to buy books in store but occasionally buy them online if it's a good deal, I also love to go to library book sales you can find some good books and at my library they never cost more than one dollar for a hardcover.

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