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  1. Does anyone have a list of East Coat Sunoco stations where gas points can be redeemed? I only get Kmart locations on the links from the "my Kmart community" web answer. Checked against Google maps.

  2. Clicking on your link does NOT show a list of participating gas stations. It shows the locations of the KMART Stores! I can't find anywhere on the internet where I can redeem the "Shop Your Way Account" gas discount. This is just another KMART / SEARS Bumbling Fiasco. Truly Sad.

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      Hi unhappycamper,

      You are very right! We just received further information on locations so that we can help our members better.

      Here are the locations close to Forestdale, MA that I was able to pull up for you!

      4738 Falmouth Rd Santuit MA
      170 Coggeshall St New Bedford MA
      525 County St SomerSet MA
      336 Centre Ave Abington, MA
      835 Belmont St Brockton, MA
      645 Adams St Quincy MA
      570 North St East WeyMouth MA
      591 Kelley Blvd North AttleBoro MA

      We hope this helps!

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      Could you also give the addresses for the Sunoco stations that participate in or near the zip code 35173? Apparently my Kmart on Chalkville Mountain Road participates with Sunoco gas stations, but we don't have any Sunoco gas stations around!! Is this a joke? If not, can you give me the addresses to those Sunoco stations participating in my area?? This information needs to be listed on your website because the gas stations do not have information about this on their websites.

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      Can you please provide participating sunoco locations for 14450 and 14564?

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      Hi khss,

      The nearest station near the zip codes you have provided is:

      6610 PittsFord Palmyra Rd. Fairport

      Please let us know if you need further stations.

      Thank you!

  3. Hi acampbell87,

    Thank you for posting your question with us on the MyKmart Community. We are happy to hear that you are participating in the Free Gas program!

    Click here to view the list that was provided to us for all Kmart Gas For Less eligible stations.

    Hope that helps!

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      Funny I find this address show up on the list: 1267 HOOKSETT RD HOOKSETT 03106 partners with Sunoco, I was there about an hour ago and the clerk inside said that they don't honor the $.30 discount. it must be other Sunoco station or mistake on their list. This Sunoco station is just a block away for the Kmart that give me the Receipt.

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      please read the question properly, what is being asked is a list of gas stations which honour the 30c coupon not the location ok kmart which prints coupons,Seems like here we have a key and trying to find a lock

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      Finally found the link , I hope this helps everyone

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      All the addresses I checked in PA are for KMART stores. No Sunoco participating dealers are on the list. Please send a list of participating Sunoco dealers where I can redeem points on the East Coast. This was NOT a helpful link.

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      Not helpful at all. Just a list of KMart locations.

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      Finally, a real list of gas stations. Thank you. Why was this so difficult? Should be printed clearly on the long receipt!